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How can I Create Account, Refer Friends, Check my Rewards and Manage Subscription?

How long to get my product in my hand?

Every product has different delivery time. Most of product take 5-25 days to deliver but can be longer depends on your country. You can always check the product delivery time at the chosen package description.

What can I do if my package doesn't arrive?

Don't worry! We keep everything in hand. If your product doesn't arrive and you are waiting more than 30 days, don't hesitate to contact us and we will find the best way to make you happier!

All package must arrive at the Latest in 60 days! You must contact us within 10 days after or may we not able to help you! We do our BEST!

When do you charge my subscription?

First you get charged when you subscribe on your chosen Package, then 13th of every following Month.

Products are changed every 15th of the Month, If you subscribe between 1st-15th we won't charge you again in the same month, so you will skip the next 'Stuff of the Month'.

You subscribe 7th of January, we ship you the product out. The next period start at 15th of January, so to get the new product we have to charge you 13th of January again! We won't do this! Next we charge you is 13th of February and we ship your new product out (which come in the store 15th of February) between 15th-17th of February.

If you don't mind and want receive the next product, send us a message and we set up your payment.

How do you pay out my rewards and when?

You will get your share within 24 hours straight to your PayPal account after your referred friend subscribe. 
Here is a Guide how to set up your PayPal e-mail.

Then you get your share between 15-17th of every following Month!

When will new stuff arrive in MyGiMo?

Products are changed every 15th of the Month and shipped out for you within 2 day.
You can always see a counter top of the page and at product description.

Have can i change my subscription for different Package?

Go to your account > Manage Subscription (Here you can find a Guide)

Next to your subscription details click on Swap and choose your new Package. 
Note: If you have charged for that period your new package will start from the following month.

Can i subscribe on more than ONE package?

Sure! Subscribe on as many package you want. 
Also you can easily add new package to your subscription.

Go to your account > Manage Subscription (Here you can find a Guide)
Under your subscription details click on Add product button and choose your new Package. 

I can't find answer for my Question!

We are always here for You!
Contact us straight on Chat - Facebook messenger at bottom of the right corner or Send us an E-mail on the Contact Us button at bottom left corner. We answer as soon as we can!